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What is “Gigabit” and why should I care?

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The answer to this question can get a little technical, and the technical answer will make most readers stop reading after the third sentence, so to simplify things, here is how I like to explain this:

  • Imagine 2 cities that are 100 miles away from each-other (or 160 Kilometers, to be annoying even more J) with 100 lanes-highway between them. (Of course that’s a lot of lanes, but let’s keep in consideration that this is just a story, and I’m trying to match 100 Megabits per second, to a Gigabit connection, which is 1000 Megabits per second…)
  • Imagine that one city has all the residents in it (your PC…) and the other city has all the factories, industrial areas, government and basically that’s where the workforce has to drive to each day, to go to work… that “work” city is the server at your office… (Or the “other computer” that holds your database or files…)
  • Your city has 500 people who drive their own cars to work each day, and things go great in your city… so more people move in to your city, because more work is offered in the “work” city… (Compare this to adding more programs on your server, or your database on the server is getting larger because you have more customers, or you started collecting more information about each client, or attach pictures to each customer etc…
  • The more jobs we add in the work city (the server…) the more people move in (your city…) so the more traffic you’ll find each morning when you try to use the 10-lane highway…
  • At a certain point, your state officials (your company’s management or employees…) will determine that the traffic is too slow and people to drive, and even though you can get to work each morning, and drive home, it takes MUCH TOO LONG to do so…
  • Your governor (the boss…) will decide to hire construction workers (your IT company…) to pave wider roads, and we are now going from 100 lanes, to 1000 lanes!
  • As you probably guessed already, 1000 Mbps is 10 times faster than 100 Mbps, just like having 1000 lanes will allow much more traffic than 100 lanes…

Here are a few notes that we need to consider…

  1. All computers on the network should have a Gigabit network card (which almost all new computers these days have one already, but older computers can be upgraded for $30 or so…)
  2. Your SWITCH (which is a network devices that all computers are connected to, and used to be known as a “hub”) must support Gigabit connection as well. You can easily tell if a switch supports gigabit connection if you look at the specs of the switch, or google the model number to check out the speed of it…)
  3. To get true Gigabit network, your cables (the network cables that connect your computers to the switch, or to the jack in the wall), AND the cables in the walls, should be CAT6 cables (which most are NOT these days…), but CAT5e cables that most offices still use, should work well as well if they are about 10 feet or less…). If you look at your cables, you will see a print on the plastic cover that will say if it’s CAT5e or CAT6.
    CAT5 cables without the “e” at the end, are old, and should be replaced…)
  4. To do things right, even the plastic connectors at the end of the cables, and on the jacks that you connect the network cables into the walls, should be CAT6 jacks as well…
  5. Gigabit network will most likely not speed up your internet connection, because the internet connection today in the US rarely has gigabit speed. Google (their internet service provider service side, not the search engine side…) is working on a gigabit infrastructure in the US like they offer in other states, and in that case you will have to upgrade the internal network in your office to take advantage of the Gigabit speed that your internet provider will offer you.

To sum:

  • Gigabit network consist of (for best practice)
    • Gigabit network cards on your computers/ devices
    • Gigabit switch
    • CAT6 cables and connectors
  • Gigabit network will allow you faster communication with internal resources like a server or other computers.

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