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Top 3 questions to ask when interviewing your next IT company.

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You’ve been there… having to switch to a new dentist, car mechanic, pest control company and department store…
You get used to a certain personality, customer service (bad or good…), and feel comfortable with how things are- so you just “cruise along” because it’s annoying to think about switching.

But then- something happens… Something causes you to HAVE to switch. You had to move, or you got ripped off, or lied to, or ….

When it comes to changing your IT company, it gets more complicated because if your IT Company does a good job and provides PROACTIVE support, they probably have access to everything… including your passwords etc.
Changing an IT company can be a pain, if the “departing” company refuses to let go for any reason, or if the new company has no idea what information they will need to gather, in order to take over and service you ASAP.

Here are the top three questions I’d recommend you ask the IT company that you interview.
Take it with a grain of salt.. there is a list of about 30 questions I’d recommend asking, but these are the top three- to keep it short and sweet:

1 -Besides the (hopefully truthful) testimonials on your website- I’d like to talk to the top three customers of yours who has a similar business size and needs like we do. I’ll need to make sure that those customers have been serviced by you for at least a year. How soon can you provide me those contacts?

    • Three customers because it’s the minimum amount of people you need to check references with…
    • A year because if they are still in the honeymoon phase, or are stuck on a contract and might not renew- you should interview the ones that renewed…
    • How soon- because they will understand that you want to move forward and this is a MUST… they won’t be able to trick their way around it… it’s a deal breaker or a major brake…
    • By the way- when you DO call those references- there are some great questions to ask them as well, which will allow you to filter all the “preparation” the IT company told them to say…
    • This is a matter of preference, but ideally you should choose a monthly plan where you are covered and don’t BENEFIT your IT provider when you have issues…
      It should be a relationship where issues on your end, mean NO GAIN on their end… – a monthly plan usually resolves this because when you have a problem, now you COST THEM MONEY and not the other way…
    • IT companies who don’t offer maintenance plans or monthly service contracts, usually are VERY low end and have no idea what PROACTIVE services can mean to a business (in a great way…)
      Any contract that locks you in a year plan, is a contract you should be able to get out if they don’t perform. If they don’t deliver or don’t provide the services you deserve/ demand- you should be able to leave them. If that’s the case- WHY ARE THEY LOCKING YOU IN A CONTRACT ?
    • Some say that the “setup fees” are waived if you sign a contract, but what i’d recommend is to ask them to break the “setup fees” into payments, and not do you any favors by locking you in a contract.
    • If you DO choose to sign a contract for any reason- READ IT !!!!! (It’s funny, but most of our customers, who happen to be lawyers, RARELY read what they sign…)

Will you price match another quote I get from another company?

    • If the say YES- it’s a BAD sign…
    • Any company should have price list for a reason… they know their cost (hopefully…) and they know what profit they should make from each service. If they are willing to lower the prices that means they were ready to over-charge you just because they felt they can.
    • I’m not saying that you should automatically accept all prices, but you should ask for any promotions, “what if is send you X referrals in the next few months” ?, any volume discounts etc…
    • It cost them money to provide GREAT service. (or as i like to say: “With great service, comes great payroll expenses”…)
    • Overall, in our industry, you get what you pay for in almost all cases… You can’t get a $2000 service for $1000. because it is a $2000 service, and not a $1000 one…

beits-large-pic-200x300If you have issues with your current provider, or want to run anything by me as a “friendly advice”, feel free to take advantage of our honesty and reach out as you feel needed.

Thank You!

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