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What is an Email Alias and How to Use Them For Your Business

WHAT IS AN EMAIL ALIAS What are Email Aliases and why are they so awesome? Think of Aliases as additional nick-names that can be added to your current and primary Email mailbox. It will use the same inbox, contact list, and account settings as the primary Email, but it could have a different name. I’ll get into why they are so awesome in just a second but first let me make sure you understand the concept. When you create a mailbox [...]


4 Reasons Why You Should Not Upgrade to Windows 10

We’ve tested Windows 10, like millions of others, and we think it can be a great platform if you are a small business and you do not plan on keeping sensitive customer data on it such as credit card information. For industries such as law, healthcare, and financial services it’s a different story. Windows 10 has a few settings that by default are causing the operating system to fall short of meeting compliance requirements in the industries mentioned above. Furthermore, [...]