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Solution to OneDrive limitation

We received a phone call from a law firm that the partner was at the CLE class I was teaching last week, and he shared that his firm moved their Emails and online file storage to Microsoft Office 365, where you get a nice 1TB block of available data storage on the cloud.

So they worked for the last few weeks to organize the data on new folder structure, and categorize it all, and upload it to the OneDrive storage they got from MS…

What they didn’t know is that Microsoft OneDrive, although has a 1TB of generous storage limit per account, can only accommodate 20,000 files!

To be fair, i didn’t know this this is the case still as well, so a short search online helped me realize that they STILL didn’t fix this issue
-and IT IS an issue-
because any law firm should save documents from the past few years, and those can easily “pile up” to be way more than 20,000 files…


LegalSync ! Which has better security, more features and EASY to set up and use on all your devices !!
Additional great info and videos are on

How do you know how many files you have in a folder?

On Windows (any version), right click on a folder and choose PROPERTIES. You’ll see the amount of data (files, folders, storage size etc). There is also a great free program called TREEZISE- get it here:

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