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Software Upgrade Best Practices

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Stay Current

Technology changes so quickly, software that is not upgraded or maintained can become obsolete very fast. It is important to update to maintain a current level of operation.  In some cases, new software versions will improve performance due to SQL database or remove constraints such as the physical number of billing records in a Timeslips database.

Stay Supported

It’s costly to maintain knowledge and experience of older versions therefore software companies limit support to current versions. Older software versions are retired, meaning they are no longer maintained or supported by the vendor.

Computing Environments Are Changing

As operating systems and other software packages are upgraded, they may no longer work properly with your program.  Older software applications will be more of a security risk as well.

Take Advantage of New Features

Software upgrades provide new functionality offering significant return on investment and may also include performance upgrades, security enhancements and bug fixes.

Take Advantage of Software Maintenance

Software maintenance fees pay for ongoing development so take advantage of it and reap the rewards.

Timeslips Software Upgrade Recommendations

Stay within the support window as described above otherwise you are self-insuring if you expect to get support directly from Sage.  Move to a new version after making the business case that it will save time and generate more revenue.

If you are experiencing issues with database integrity and performance, it may well be time to upgrade to Timeslips Premium backed by Firebird SQL.

The focus of this brand new release is to

  • Increase industry exposure and utilization
  • Improve application stability and scalability
  • Maximize performance and speed in network environments

What does this mean for Sage Timeslips Premium Users?

  • Bills generate up to 5 times faster than Timeslips 2015
  • A/R listing displayed up to 7 times faster than Timeslips 2015
  • Unlimited database size
  • Unlimited number of concurrent users
  • Overall product performance 4.37 times faster than Timeslips 2015.

Please note: Benchmark testing data available on request.

About Allen Hardon

Allen Hardon is President of GP Group, a Small business technology consultant with over 25 years experience in consulting and training services in the areas of time-billing and practice management software primarily for law firms and departments. Allen has a solid background in business management and technology with strong problem solving and communication skills.

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