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Client Success Story – Sara Fluke

As a professional development coordinator, Sarah Fluke organizes seminars for lawyers who require annual continuing education credits in order to maintain good standing with the Arizona State Bar Association. She oversees 126 seminars a year on various topics such as, family, probate, and criminal law.

One class required in the curriculum is Practice Management which includes technology related topics. According to Sarah, there are a number of experts who present this subject matter and Legal Technology Solutions owner Beits, is rated as one of the best.

Beits most recent presentation was on the effective and efficient use of Outlook and included a segment on cyber security. “Beits is great to work with because of his understanding and personability. With his help, people just get it,” she said.

r Beits recently provided an hour of staff training at Sarah’s workplace on how to get the most out of Outlook. . . He provided staff with several useful tips and tricks, but what she liked the most was, “He empowered the employees to feel confident to snoop around Outlook and see what would work for them to make their lives easier.”

In past experiences Sarah has felt like a relationship with an IT person can be adversarial because they tend to come in and fix your mistakes. ”I think a lot of times, when you deal with IT companies they say, ‘don’t do that,’ or ‘why did you do that.’” However, she said, Beits is the opposite of this stereotype, he encourages people to explore by saying, ‘you’re not going to break it. Just go play with all of these options yeah you may change a setting, but nothing’s going to explode.’ “Sometimes you just need that type of confidence booster from somebody in the industry.”

What Sarah likes most regarding Beits seminars and staff training, is his ability to explain technological material in a language a novice can understand., “I don’t have to be a tech person to know what Beits is talking about. He makes it very relatable” Sarah said, “If you come to him with a question, he either knows the answer, or he’ll figure it out with you. I really appreciate that quality because it’s personable. It’s rare to find someone like Beits.”

Sara Fluke