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Easily give your own PC a tuneup with CCleaner.

Ccleaner is a great all-in-one cleaning program that removed tons of files off of your hard drive that you never use.

A great free program for cleaning off all the junk files on your computer is Ccleaner (short for C-drive cleaner or Crap Cleaner).

Many program installers leave behind tons of files they need only once and don’t always delete when they’re done with them. Even viruses and spyware love to hang out in these well-hidden temporary folders so they can execute commands that could possibly take over your system.

Ccleaner even comes with a registry cleaner as well that is very easy to use (be sure to back up your registry too).

There’s also an option for Ccleaner to clean the hard drive automatically every time your computer starts up. Ccleaner also helps the speed of your computer and other virus and spyware scanners since it removes many files that don’t need to be scanned over and over again. Download Ccleaner from this link:


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