Pre-Employment Questionnaire- Level 1 Technician – Legal Technology Solutions

Pre-Employment Questionnaire

Please make sure to answer honestly. We WILL have to test and verify your answers eventually.

Technician Pre-Hire Questionnaire

  • This form should be filled only by applicants that received a request to fill in this form (via Email, or on one of our ads.) If you fill in this form and your resume/ original application is not on our pre-approved list, we will not be processing this form. Please only submit this if you were asked to do so by one of our team member. Thank you !
  • website? person's name?
  • General/ Administrative related

  • Our team is required to arrive at the office a few minutes before 8:30 am, M-F. Once a week (currently on Fridays) we have a mandatory staff meeting at 7:30 am. Our engineers are required to be on-call on a rotating basis, and be available vie Email on the weekends daytime, and by phone 24/7 (it's very rare that we need after-hour urgent support, but we have to make sure our engineers are reachable.) We usually end our day at 5:30 pm, but in some cases, need to stay later to complete a task or attend an urgent issue.
  • Technical Section

  • please list exactly THREE by clicking on the + sign to add the second and third row.
  • How comfortable are you answering these questions WITHOUT looking up the answer, or what is your comfort level with the below items?

    On a scale of 1-5, where 5 means you know it 100%...
  • Work environment

  • Please make sure to review the ad again, and note the areas where you will be tested on, and must pass, in order to qualify for this position.
  • Please share what is the base salary you are interested in (assuming we don't provide benefits at this point for first year employees). If your request is too high- we might not be able to consider your application. If you request is too low- you might not be able to pay your bills... Be realistic so we can match your expectations and knowledge to our budget...
  • 4 years down the road- what would you like to earn as base salary?
  • We can not accept applications without a resume attached to this form. Please upload your resume and optional cover letter. Accepted file types are doc, docx, pdf only.
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    Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf.
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