Lynda C Shely - Legal Technology Solutions

Professionalism, Patience, and Quality Service

Cell phones have become a critical part of our daily lives. Thanks to modern technology, every important phone number can be saved and accessed with a swipe of your finger. That is, until a problem with the battery arises, eliminating key information.

Lynda C. Shely recently found herself in this situation, as a cell phone provider eliminated over 3,500 emails and contacts from a new phone she received from them. She spent three hours on the phone waiting to find a solution, but was unsuccessful. Fortunately, she contacted Legal Technology Solutions (LTS), whom she uses for her computer network security. “They were able to fix the issue over the phone. It wasn’t easy, but they kept trying things till they made it happen. The people at LTS are patient, but not patronizing, and they calmly talked me through fixing my phone.”

Lynda works with 1,400 law firms as a ‘lawyer for lawyers,’ providing ethics advice. As such, it is critical that she has reliable technology. “I need computers and cell phones that work, and Beits and his staff are unbelievably responsive. It doesn’t matter how big or small your law firm is, he’s there to help.”

Lynda admits that she is not well versed in technology, but LTS is a great fit because Beits has experience working with lawyers. She has known Beits for years, and is very happy with the service she receives from LTS. “The professionalism and patience, as well as, of course, the quality service. They are wonderful to work with.”

Lynda C. Shely