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How Remote IT Monitoring Saves Arizona Businesses Headaches & Money

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How much would a day of downtime cost your business? What if your servers crashed during a busy day – or simply refused to start working after a busy weekend? How would you recover if a hacker stole your customer’s financial information — or your proprietary formulas and information?

Remote IT Monitoring and Management or RMM ensures that you never need to find out the answers to these questions – and ensures that you don’t need to spend money on a costly skilled IT employee.


  • Spot problems instantly:

As a small business owner, you have to cover a lot of bases – in some cases, you handle everything. Some IT or computer problems are not immediately apparent. If you don’t have a skilled person or entity monitoring your network, the first sign that something is wrong may be the dreaded “blue screen of death” or a network that can’t be accessed at all. Consider RMM to be a virtual nanny or babysitter — one that adores and protects your business, 24/7.

  • Save time and money:

Switching to a remote monitoring service allows you to reduce your costs and improve your efficiency. When you handle your own IT or have a staffer do it for you, someone needs to be in a position to effectively manage your network. As a small business owner, you either have to lose time with a DIY approach or add an extra employee (and all of the associated costs) to your team. RMM allows for monitoring from another location, with a dedicated and skilled professional on hand to spot problems in real time. RMM provides all of the benefits of a dedicated IT department, without the full time employee expenses.

  • Reduce or eliminate disruptions:

Even the most closely watched network will still develop problems; the benefit a Remote Monitoring and Management service is that those problems can be spotted and solved without a lot of downtime. Network issues impact more than just the person or computer experiencing the problem; your IT staff will need to stop what they are doing and switch to corrective work, while the rest of your staff basically waits for them to figure out what to do.

Small and mid-sized companies may see the biggest improvements from an RMM service; when each employee performs multiple tasks, even short delays can have catastrophic consequences. Regular software updates and maintenance by your RMM team ensures that your system is always available and ready to work when you are.

  • Improved security:

You may not be an IT pro, but the guy trying to hack into your system and steal confidential information probably is. Remote monitoring and management allows the IT team to notice trends and problems while they are in their infancy, stopping hackers and preventing fraud. A remote monitor can also spot internal issues that while not deliberately fraud can cause problems. Employees who defeat software security features, bring in and install unauthorized software or simply say “yes” to every Internet popup that comes along put your system at risk. While remote monitoring can’t eliminate your personnel issues, it can spot and fix problems caused by negligent employees and those who are simply not tech-savvy.

  • Round the clock, fulltime monitoring:

Remote Monitoring and Management service works more than your most dedicated staffer, offering 24/7 coverage of your network, security and servers. Unlike an IT employee who goes home and is simply not available 2/3 of every day, the round the clock monitoring provided by a service stays on the job even after hours. Not every problem occurs between 9am and 5pm, and RMM can spot trouble at any time of day or night.

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