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Everything you do on a mobile device is considered Digital Evidence.

The majority of Americans own a cellphones, mobile devices and computers. So therefore our digital finger print is always with us at any given time. The more we use our phone, computer and the internet we are leaving this digital finger print. General populations trusts their cell phone to do everything for them. First thing Law Enforcement does is when a person is taken into custody is takes inventory of their phone and then conducts a forensics search on the devices to find any information they can on the person.

The more we interact with our phones, computers and devices the more evidence is being left behind ready to be revealed

From a criminology prospective and from a digital forensics experts point of view; text messages, blog postings, deleted pictures and internet history that can be uncovered, discovered and recovered through the means of digital forensics can act as evidence to prove motive and intent when it comes to crimes.

In a Capital Punishment (Death Plenty) Case in Phoenix, Arizona in Maricopa County, Ricoh Danielson (Digital Forensic) on a joint venture was able to assist defense attorney’s in strengthen their position on the case using digital evidence from a cellphone. “Not in criminal case are we seeing digital forensics being used but now we are starting to see the general consumer market of; single parents, spouses, private clients, employers and big companies are seeking digital forensics for their legal matters”.

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