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Focus on Your Practice or Worry About Complex Back-Office Operations

Diane Drain is a bankruptcy attorney, who found herself in a challenging situation – managing her own security and technology, in addition to focusing on her legal career. A fellow attorney referred her to Beits from Legal Technology Solutions (LTS), to alleviate the problem. Diane chose LTS to manage her technology and security, based on her positive experience with Beits. She said, “We chose him because of his personality and commitment to his clients. He is extremely professional.”

Diane did not consider other companies, as she was not willing to delegate her security to a company she did not trust. Diane added, “I don’t have to worry about anything. I use LTS as a way to leverage my time, and it allows me to handle more cases than I normally would.” In addition to her career as an attorney, Diane offers continuing legal education programs, which include technology, and she is happy to utilize Beits as an expert in the technology area of law office management.

Prior to her relationship with LTS, Diane managed computer backups and servers herself. With help from LTS, she no longer has to take on that responsibility, leaving her more time to focus on her business. She stated, “rather than having to worry about the details of my technology – I can be involved at a higher level, and be less hands-on.”

Diane Drain
Law Offices of D.I. Drain, P.A.