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How to recover a file from Acronis back ups.

How to recover a file from Acronis back ups Accidents happen. Occasionally, important files get deleted or lost. If you need to recover only a few files, please follow the directions below. You can Explore backups stored in personal and unmanaged centralized vaults. Open the folder where backups are stored. You can either open the path in Windows Explorer manually (you can check the path in Path field in the vault description), or you can press Explore on the vault page to [...]


Recovering single files from ShadowProtect backups.

The Backup Wizard guides you through the process of mounting a backup image file. If the selected image file is part of a chain, ShadowProtect automatically associates the files required to browse and restore this specific backup image file. You only need to select the backup image you want to explore. Once mounted, you can treat the backup image file as you would any other Windows volume: Browse the backup image file. Share the backup image file. Copy individual files and folders [...]