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Can I use Outlook to send a newsletter?

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Sending a newsletter from your Email client (Outlook, Entourage, iMail etc) is a big no-no.

(I assume you are sending to a few hundred people or more… If you just sendto 20-30 people, that’s not really a bulk email… it’s just a group email in the eyes of technology…)
There are a few reasons for it, but i’ll highlight the main ones…

you send bulk e-mail to people who have an Email service from (for example) or, or if you send to corporate recipient (for example, if your audience is lawyers, like us, you might have lots of recipients with as their Email address), and that corporation is using a spam filter (which they all do…), those spam filters, or Cox / Gmail, will notice a mass amount of Emails coming in one time, from ONE IP ADDRESS, and their spam filter will raise a question- “Is this a legit message? Or “Does someone in the sender’s office have a virus that sends Emails to us?”

    • Spam filters have no problem getting legit emails from you, and they DO look at the content of the Emails (to search for keywords like sex or viagra etc…), but the ALSO look at the sender’s IP address, which is a unique internet address that every modem/ office/ builidng or home has. IP address is like a phone number that’s unique to your home of office. Here is a short video i found online that explains it further…
    • If the spam filter recognizes that there are lots of emails coming from the same IP address in a given time, EVEN if the content has no spam-related words, the spam filter service of your recipient might raise a flag and do what we fear the most: BLACKLIST YOUR IP ADDRESS

The main reason your IP address will be blacklisted on the spam filter engines around the world is if there were Emails that were sent from that IP address, and those emails were either marked as spam by several of the recipients, or didn’t have an “unsubscribe” link, or the regular needed text that tells the recipient “you are getting this Email becuase you signed up to recieve our newsletter…” etc…

There are several reasons why an IP get blacklisted, and you can easily check if your IP address is blacklisted if you enter your IP address on or on  .
(By the way, to find out WHAT your IP address is, you can simply do a google search for the words “IP ADDRESS” or go to, or for short- … )

Once your IP address is blacklisted, it’s sometimes a HUGE pain to remove it from those lists. AND, those spam filter engines feed from eachother, so you might be blacklisted on the AZBAR spam filter service, but their service might be working together with other spam filter engines, so they share data between themselves…
Before you know it, your IP address might be blacklisted in 10 engines, and that’s a PAIN…

Of course, there is more to it than the above information, but it’s important to know what CAN happen when you don’t use a good, official newsletter service / solution.

SO- what SHOULD I use?

  • We use Mailchimp for our own newsletters, but we also recommend Constant Contact and several others. If you want more information, you can either contact us or read more about email marketing here…


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