February 2015 - Legal Technology Solutions

Basic Email Traffic Encryption

Make (or not…) tons of money from advertising these guys: Cox, Gmail, Yahoo, and even AOL (yes… some people still use AOL…) Recently a solo attorney contacted me for consultation regarding his Email service. He’s using Cox for his Email service, and had a couple of questions. Am I secured enough and am doing justice with my customers if I use Cox? What are the alternatives? Before I give the TECHNICAL answer, I wanted to explain to him (and you… dear readers…) that you will [...]


Here is how to hack ANY Windows computer in 30 seconds

Oy vey… … if you only knew how many of our customers (law firms and non) think that their “strong” windows password is SECURED and actually protecting them… you’ll be SHOCKED! Computers are stolen and left behind all the time, weather if it’s in a coffee shop, or the cleaning person at the office (a day before their last day at work…), airport and hotel rooms. Hacker 101: (not YET a CLE class, but I might make it one day…) INTRODUCING (drum roll…) Hirens [...]