December 2014 - Legal Technology Solutions

Top 3 questions to ask when interviewing your next IT company.

You’ve been there… having to switch to a new dentist, car mechanic, pest control company and department store… You get used to a certain personality, customer service (bad or good…), and feel comfortable with how things are- so you just “cruise along” because it’s annoying to think about switching. But then- something happens… Something causes you to HAVE to switch. You had to move, or you got ripped off, or lied to, or …. When it comes to changing your IT company, [...]


Common Mistakes That Make Your “Strong” Passwords Weak.

This article was written by Leslie Horn and originally appeared on  By now, you probably think you know the drill when it comes to passwords: Avoid pet’s names, mix up letters, change your password regularly, blah blah blah. We might think we’re being clever, but according to State of the Net, the tricks we’re using to make our passwords strong these days can actually make us more susceptible to hacks. State of the Net points out what is pretty much common knowledge these days: Hackers [...]